Halo Couture Extensions

We are proud to be a Halo Couture Exclusive Salon!  As a Halo Couture Salon we fit, match, and provide the highest quality extensions available!  Halo Couture extensions come in a range of colors and highlight patterns to match your hair (or add some more color to your existing hair!), as well as a variety of lengths to add some amazing bombshell 24" locks, or a simple 12" to accentuate and add volume.  Because of the custom colors and lengths, we custom order depending on your needs and selection.  We do have some in the salon for you to feel their incredible quality.  These extensions are thick, from scalp to ends, shiny and healthy, real hair, and last for years with proper care!  visit http://halocouture.com/ to check out some photos, or pop in the salon for a consultation!